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Let’s face it—most career advice offers are expensive scams, ineffective clickbait, or written by unpaid interns. I thought you deserve better. And so I quit my job as a Vice President on Wall Street and built this platform for you.

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Every Friday, I publish unique articles that help you realize your future. With my advice, readers opened the doors to the world’s best organizations—and designed happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

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Hi, I’m Moritz.

I got off to a late start—and likely faced some of the challenges you’re experiencing today. But with the right guidance and hard work, I reached my dreams. If I could do it, I know millions more can benefit from my learnings.

Future Friday Moritz Baier-Lentz







From First-Gen to Forbes

I Was Afraid of My Future.

I built Future Friday to be the platform I wish I’d had. Growing up as a first-generation high school graduate in rural Germany, this isn’t the typical story of a Vice President at Goldman Sachs—or Forbes 30 Under 30.

Instead of preparing for college, I channeled all my energy into video games. At age 16, I became the world champion of the fastest-selling game at the time, beating 13 million players to complete all levels 1 to 99.

Later in life, I translated this focus to reach the “next level” into a broader strategy for realizing my full potential.

Stanford, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge

With $190k in scholarships, I designed my own curriculum and fulfilled my dream of a Stanford MBA and M.A. in Education.

Goldman, McKinsey, White House, IBM

I advised Fortune 500 companies across 30+ countries on $300bn+ of transactions, including the world’s largest technology deals.

eSports World Champion, Ironman, Ultra Runner

From being a former #1 ranked eSports athlete to running 140 miles through the Sahara desert—I have a passion for extreme challenges.
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Career Articles, Every Friday.

Behind each of my milestones stands a role model, mentor, or peer who guided me with inspiration and kindness. Now, I can be that guide for you. I’m distilling the best science and business insights into your weekly advantage.

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Moritz puts the “care” back into “career.” His unique combination of weekly professional, academic, and life articles was truly transformational.

A first-generation student myself, Moritz's unmatched expertise from Silicon Valley to Wall Street helped me realize my highest ambitions and plan for success. Without a doubt, getting access to the articles will be one of the best investments in your future.

Marc B.Success Story: Goldman Sachs, Stanford University

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Skill #1


— Career and life planning, idea generation, and winning strategies.

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“Planning for Success”

You have zero lives remaining. Make this one a masterpiece, with a unique five-year plan.

Skill #2

Critical Thinking

— Analytical decision-making, problem-solving, and effective execution.

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“Getting Things Done”

Beat the instant gratification monkey with action plans, habits, and systems that work.

Skill #3


— Hands-on communication methods and application advice.

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“Resume Perfection”

You only get one first impression. Open the doors to the world’s top organizations.

Skill #4


— Advanced teamwork, leadership, and interpersonal dynamics.

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“Knowing Yourself”

You’re unique. But—chances are—also similar to Taylor Swift or Elon Musk. Find out.

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Hundreds of Success Stories.

Don’t just take my word for it. For more than a decade, I’ve shared my advice with colleagues, mentees, and friends. The success stories and testimonials of my readers from speak for themselves.

Moritz's achievements and accolades are truly impressive. But what really differentiates his advice, is that he genuinely cares. Inspired by his own story, Moritz is on a mission to match talent with opportunity.

Wina H.Success Story: Goldman Sachs, Schwarzman Scholars

Without Moritz, I wouldn't be at Stanford today. Left without financial support, Moritz highlighted a rare, competitive scholarship. And with his preparation, I became one of only five successful applicants.

Oskar T.Success Story: ETH Zurich, Stanford University

Certain opportunities only come once and put your life on a completely new trajectory. Moritz is the creator of such inflection moments. What he has accomplished for himself, he’s now doing for others.

Wilson K.Success Story: Square, Harvard University, DiDi

Having worked closely with Moritz for three years, I learned a lot from him as a colleague—but even more as a mentor. He continuously encouraged me to follow my goals and put my most authentic self forward.

Justin K.Success Story: Howard University, Goldman Sachs, TPG

Changing careers is never easy, even when they’ve just begun. It was only thanks to Moritz’s advice, candor, and unparalleled inside knowledge that I dared to pursue my law degree—my best life decision so far.

Jana M.Success Story: Latham & Watkins, Freshfields

Career decisions can be overwhelming, especially for young professionals. Thanks to Moritz’s frameworks and strategies, I found the perfect fit for myself—and successfully knocked on the door.

Jan-Felix S.Success Story: Columbia University, Palantir

I’m blessed to call Moritz my mentor. Without his constant inspiration and instructions to leave the comfort zone for personal, professional, and academic growth, my life wouldn’t have been the same.

Alexander K.Success Story: McKinsey, Schwarzman Scholars, JD.com

Whenever I didn’t feel ready for my next step, Moritz challenged me to discover my potential. My passion combined with his analytical skills and insights became the formula to push me further than I’d ever imagined.

Cihan S.Success Story: IBM, Porsche
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